J. Daniel Batt

Science Fiction Author

J. Daniel Batt

Science Fiction Author
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J.Daniel Batt

Daniel Batt is a recovering high school English teacher with a degree in Language Arts. He is currently finishing his MFA in Creative Writing. He works with the 100 Year Starship as their Creative and Editorial Director. In this role, he works to explore the connection between scientists and science fiction writers. He is also the editor for the 2012-2014 Symposium Conference Proceedings, a collection of nearly 2000 pages of the latest research and thought about interstellar exploration and travel. He is also the organizer and host of the annual Science Fiction Stories Night bringing science fiction writers together with scientists and the general public, and as the team lead for the Canopus Awards celebrating the best in interstellar writing.

His first novel, The Tales of Dreamside, was hailed by Kirkus Reviews as “a phenomenally imaginative series . . . appealingly dark, with eerie fairy-tale motifs.” His short fiction has appeared in Bastion MagazineBewildering Stories, and in the anthology Genius Loci. Through the Lifeboat Foundation, he edited the science fiction anthology titled Visions of the Future with stories from a wide array of authors including Greg Bear, Allen Steele, Robert Sawyer, Alan Dean Foster, Hugh Howey and many others. His latest novel, the first in a series, is the young adult urban fantasy Young Gods: A Door into Darkness and is published by Realmwalker Publishing.

He currently serves as the community group organizer and lead artist at a non-profit organization in Sacramento, California. He and his wife have three children. They make their home in Northern California where they are currently working through their 100-step plan to take over the universe.  They are on step 19 and everything is going perfect!

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